4 Ways to Make Your Home Office Work For You

With working from home being the new normal for a large majority of Canadians, it’s easy to understand why many are having problems with productivity. The constant distractions caused by the lack of a true office space can have a lot to do with feeling unproductive. Here are four tips for taking your home workspace to the next level– even if it’s your living room table.

Pick A Spot and Stick To It

Since most of us don’t have a home office – especially those of us with condos – it’s important to designate an area for working in your home and stick with it. Doing so will create a routine that helps you get into the working mindset. Whatever area you choose, make sure it has ideal lighting, a comfortable chair with back support, and a seamless tech set up that allows you to jump on video calls without having to mess around with plugs or wires. It also helps to have an overall lack of clutter on your desk and surrounding area to help with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Clean Up

If you thought your desk at the office was messy, I’m sure your kitchen table is the same – if not worse. With piles of mail, car keys, kids toys, and groceries, there’s no lack of things that can accumulate on our makeshift desks. Now’s the time to make a change. Throw out garbage, put all your pens into a mug, and make sure you have all of your workday essentials close at hand. Anything that you deem a distraction – get it off the table.

Also, if you’re on video calls all day, you may want to think about what your colleagues are seeing behind you. A big pile of laundry or a line of empty wine bottles can be a little unsightly and may give the wrong impression. Plus, if you have the capability, why not show off your style a bit? Some good background options might be a piece of art, some interesting souvenirs or a nicely filled bookcase. Lastly, remember lighting: Your space should be well lit, or it’ll look like you’re calling in from a Russian war bunker.

Create an Inspirational Wall

Now that you’ve picked a spot and de-cluttered your area, it’s time to find some inspiration to stay focused. The wall that’s directly in front of you has a lot to do with how productive you are, because let’s face it, you’ll be staring directly at it a lot. One way to jazz your wall up is by creating an inspiration board. Fill it with things that make you happy from pictures of your family and friends, to pictures of your future goals or vacation spots you’ll be heading to (likely not until next year). You can also put your to-do list and important reminders up there, but try to keep things fun and uplifting to help get you through the day.

Personalize Your Workspace

Most of us have always dreamed of having that perfect office, with a window view and inspiring decor. Well – now’s your opportunity to make the work space of your dreams. Think of all of the things you weren’t allowed to bring into your normal office: aromatherapy diffusers, sound systems, and food that your fellow employees would rather you not microwave.

Now you can make your space smell exactly how you want it, have your music playing in the background instead of directly in your headphones, and microwave that leftover fish and broccoli that you’ve been wanting to eat for lunch. You want your home office to feel like your home, so don’t be shy about customizing it and making it your ideal workspace!