5 Tips for Moving During COVID-19

Moving Day boxes in living room

Amidst social distancing rules, stay-at-home orders, and widespread travel bans, thousands of Canadians have needed to adapt to the changes. Many events have been either cancelled or postponed, but for those who were planning a big move, waiting may be out of the question.

If you’re one of those people, you can still move comfortably with a little extra planning and foresight. Check out these 5 tips to help make your move as safe and stress-free as possible.


Moving Day

DIY if you can

Although hiring a moving company can reduce stress and physical labour, it’s safer to manage the move on your own. Reducing the amount of people you come in contact with – and the amount of people who come in contact with your furniture – will greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19.

If you still think you need help, first ask close family and friends if they can lend a hand if they’re healthy. You can always pay them back by offering to buy dinner or helping them out with a move in their future.

Reduce contact

If you do ultimately end up working with a moving company, get your quote virtually and see if the company offers fully contactless service. There should be information on their website regarding how they handle moving operations during the pandemic, so if these protocols are on par with your safety expectations, you’re good to go. On the moving day, avoid handshakes for obvious reasons. A smile and a generous tip (sent through e-transfer) are a great substitute.

Make extra sanitary measures

During the move, make sure you wear a mask and gloves, as you never know what has been touched in your new dwelling. If you hire a moving company, make sure they bring similar supplies for their workers and consider having hand sanitizer and extra masks and gloves available.

Try your best to disinfect high-traffic objects and surfaces, paying particular attention to doorknobs and handles.

The Coronavirus has been found to live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, so it’s not a great time to be borrowing boxes from your local LCBO or grocery store. It’s an extra expense, but you should try to buy brand new boxes if you can.

Be transparent and flexible

Before your moving date, reach out to your neighbours – especially if you’re in a condominium – and let them know when your moving date is. This makes sure everyone in your general vicinity can be aware and avoid unnecessary contact in the hallways and elevators.
If you think anyone you’re living with is sick, try your best to postpone the move. Some landlords are being extra lenient during these times and they’ll likely understand the seriousness of the situation if you approach them in advance. Rescheduling can certainly be a pain, but the health and safety of your neighbours comes first.
Full donation box 

Help those in need and lighten your load

Chances are, your cupboards are filled with non-perishable food items that you can easily replace once you move into your new place. Before you move, consider taking those items and donating them to your local food bank to lighten the load on your move. As COVID-19 forces school closures, layoffs, and soup kitchen shutouts, the need for help is greater than ever.
No matter what’s going on in life, moving is a difficult thing to do both emotionally and physically. But, by taking extra precautions, you can get through with relative ease and safety for everyone.

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