5 Ways to Prep Your Condo for Back-To-School Season

The Summer flew by, and just like that, another back-to-school season is in full swing! Whether you have kids in middle school or teens in high school, this time of the year can be chaotic and unorganized. Getting everyone back into a routine and out the door in an organized fashion during the first few weeks of September can be a challenge. Luckily, we’ve got 5 ways to help you and your family prep your condo for the back-to-school season!

Organized Entryway

First things first, the condo entryway is the initial area you walk into, so it needs to be as tidy as possible. This space may take a little more effort to keep clean, since it can easily become a dumping ground for clutter. Create designated spaces for shoes, coats, backpacks, keys, and mail. After you’ve organized your entryway, show your kids how you’d like it to operate, and where all their belonging should be placed when they arrive home. Since everything is arranged, and has a proper space, they will never again be scrambling to find their umbrella or favorite sneakers. Keeping this area clean with an organizational system will help keep school drop-offs and pick-ups running smoothly.


Create Workspaces

Whether your kids are back to school in-person or doing classes virtually, they will need a workspace where they can concentrate and get their homework done. Use the den or kitchen dining table, either one can work in this case. Ensure all your children’s school supplies are easily accessible. There’s nothing worse than being excited to start a fun school project, but they can’t find the art supplies. Use bins and baskets to organize and separate everything your kids will need, from graph paper to laptops and their corresponding chargers. If you have multiple children, it would be best to separate by grade, so each person knows where their necessary supplies are located. With the dining table being a multifunctional space, it’s important all supplies are portable to easily transform the ‘homework table’ back to the dinner table.


Arrange Closets + Wardrobes

After you’ve done your back-to-school shopping with your kids, it’s time to clean out their closets and get them set up for success. Declutter their wardrobes and donate anything that no longer fits your children. Keep neutral, multifunctional pieces that can go with everything. Get your kids excited about planning school outfits the night before to make things easier when they are getting ready in the morning


Plan Out Meals

Like planning outfits and organizing school supplies, it’s important to ensure you have a meal plan for when everyone heads back to school. There seems to be less time to shop for groceries and cook, so creating a few easy go-to dinners will help everyone stay on track! Get the kids involved by letting them pick out a few fun meals they want to try out during the week. Clean out the fridge, have specific zones for breakfast foods, and keep everyone’s snacks in a designated area for easy access. This will alleviate stress in the morning when packing lunches, and when your kids are reaching for their after-school snacks.

Create A Routine

One of the most important things you can do to stay organized in the month of September is to get everyone on a routine. Have a specific time for the kids to wake up, eat breakfast, and when to leave for school drop-offs. The quicker everyone becomes familiar with the routine, the easier it will be to transition from the laid-back summer months. After a few weeks, this routine will become second nature for the entire family, making going back to school even easier!

How are you getting your condo ready for the back-to-school season?