Community Spotlight: Building A Better Burlington

Joseph Brant Hospital

Joseph Brant Hospital’s mission is simple: to provide quality patient care. They do this by always following and living by their core values: compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence. So in 2012, when they embarked on a multi-year revitalization project to expand and modernize their facilities, Molinaro Group jumped at the opportunity to help with a $1 million dollar donation.

“We’re happy to give back to support the community. Burlington has been very good to us,” said Vince Molinaro, president of the Molinaro Group for the past 12 years. For their contribution, JBH recognized the donation by naming an inpatient unit for the Molinaro Group and included them on their Pillars of the Community installation erected in the Meditation Gardens just outside the hospital.

“This amazing show of community leadership has inspired all of us at Joseph Brant and we could not be more appreciative,” said Eric Vandewall, president and CEO of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital. “The Molinaro Group is truly a pillar of the community and we look forward to recognizing the company as such in our new, state-of-the art facility.”

The Molinaro Group’s $1M gift was the first major donation to the $60M hospital expansion campaign.

Carpenter Hospice

Carpenter Hospice is a home in the heart of Burlington that offers both residential-based care to people in the last stage of their lives, and community-based programs for people dealing with grief or a life-limiting illness. It is staffed by an incredibly dedicated team of healthcare professionals and volunteers whose primary role is to provide compassionate, quality care to meet residents’ needs.

For the past 2 years, Vince Molinaro and his Wife Tina have had the honour of being the Co-Chairs at the yearly gala for Carpenters Hospice. Through their efforts, they’ve helped to raise over $400,000 for the organization. They’re back at it again this year, and will be Chairing the 2020 Gala and look forward to raising even more money for this important part of the Burlington Community.

Building a better Burlington; it’s not just a tagline. It’s about giving back to a place that’s maintained its title as one of Canada’s Best Mid-Sized Cities for several years in a row. What makes Burlington so great isn’t just the safe, clean environment, great amenities, and abundant green spaces. It’s also the people. And where you’ll find some of the best people is at Joseph Brant Hospital and the Carpenter Hospice.