Ditch the Monthly Dues and Join the Paradigm Grand Club

So how’s your Peloton doing these days? As a current TV ad cheekily suggests, most likely sitting idle in a dark corner under a shroud of laundry.

An enduring meme from the depth of the pandemic shutdown was the near-hysterical rush to buy these ultra-expensive home workout machines, followed by the stampede to sell (or repurpose them as clothes racks) when the frenzy subsided.

The real point here is about the advantages of living in a condominium that recognizes the importance of health and physical activity. It’s a key consideration for prospective customers, given the youthful demographic of the target audience, and essential to any project blueprint hoping to attract them. The Molinaro Group made fitness facilities a centrepiece of Paradigm Grand including the Grand Finale.

“Couples and young professionals prize fitness as a core priority,” says Group President Vince Molinaro. “Investors want to see these amenities, too, even if they don’t intend to use them,” he says.

“Our vision of a lifestyle condominium community is really anchored by the first-class fitness amenities we built into the project from Day One.”

Let us quickly review the advantages of moving into a building with its own, on-site gym, pool and workout facilities:

  • CONVENIENCE – year-round access to workout equipment at any time during the day, evenings or weekends while never having to leave the building. Feel like breaking a sweat? Do it;
  • ECONOMY – an on-site fitness club means never having to sign another outside gym membership, thus avoiding the fees, commitment and travel costs;
  • TIME-SAVINGS – fit your workout into your schedule, not one dependent upon someone else. You also save the time you might have spent traveling to a public or private gym perhaps blocks away from your residence;
  • PRIVACY & COMMUNITY– you might simply feel more at ease performing your workout in a place you consider home, amongst other residents with whom you can build relationships;
  • PEACE OF MIND – the people cleaning and maintaining your condo fitness facilities care about you personally, as a property investor and community member. That makes a difference;
  • SPACE-SAVINGS – gym equipment belongs in a gym. There is no need to have a workout machine occupying precious floor space or disrupting your home decor if on-site facilities have everything you need.

Those are the boilerplate advantages. Let’s talk about how the Molinaro Group put its distinctive stamp on the fitness and health floor plan at Paradigm Grand. Hint: it has to do with more than just providing barbells and exercise bikes. As Vince tells it, the location of the fitness centre became a critical focal point.

“We knew we would have great vistas at Paradigm Grand and had to take full advantage of them. The fitness centre had to be positioned high enough (fourth floor) to see the surrounding area while you’re working out. It also had to have floor-to-ceiling windows to provide the maximum amount of natural light, especially during the winter when people need it the most.”

The fitness centre at Paradigm Grand is configured for outdoor views looking east toward the central courtyard/Lake Ontario) and the outdoor fitness terrace on the same level to the west. Either direction offers views of trees, greenery, sky and clouds through the story-high windows. Tell us if that doesn’t improve your state of mind compared to the dingy confines of a typical windowless, big box gym. Motivation comes easy when you’re inspired by your surroundings. The genius of the design is that light flows through organically from east to west, tracing the path of the sun. The integration of features is total, too. An indoor basketball court sits adjacent to the workout area, swimming pool, yoga studio, sauna and steam room.  Everything fitness-related is right there, on the same floor.

The main takeaway: trendy exercise machines that claim to coach you to success and charge you for the favour eery month may work (And may not… see this inspired parody), but a properly workout centre right in the place you call home is unsurpassed.

Sure, you could still go out and get a stationary bike, but living at Paradigm Grand, why would you?