Don’t Compromise on Your Real Estate Ambitions

Wherever you’re looking for a real estate opportunity, you’ve likely been barraged with a host of cautionary advice that adds up to you being resigned to settle or compromise. The Molinaro Group cautions against that.

Let’s talk about what “compromise” really means in the current maelstrom of steadily rising mortgage rates, depleted housing stock, and related obstacles to finding a place to live or invest.  Everyone has a checklist. For would-be condo owners, it likely consists of boxes labelled as follows:


  • Affordable and only minutes to Toronto
  • Located in a growing, lake-side community with small town charm
  • Close to work and public transit
  • Includes with premium amenities and quality finishes
  • Built by a trusted developer with an award-winning track record
  • Proximity to shopping, cultural hubs, and entertainment

We could go on. The point is, achieving even half the objectives on that list would be considered a win given the current state of the real estate market.

Vince Molinaro believes Paradigm’s Grand Finale is your chance to hit achieve a perfect “10.”

The President of the Molinaro Group says the evidence and track record is already there for anyone to see. Paradigm Grand, now under construction, will see two, street-facing towers added to the original Paradigm footprint on Fairview St – the final additions to a high-rise crown of jewels that has redefined Burlington and invented Midtown.

“We saw what no other developer saw, and knew this concept would work in Burlington. The location is second to none; it’s in Midtown Burlington which is an area we created. It’s a very progressive area with a lot of cool things happening,” he says.

The three existing towers already have transformed this once-overlooked, commercially-zoned area into a thriving lifestyle community consisting of a centre courtyard with elevated outdoor living areas and a commanding vantage point offering spectacular sightlines in all directions. Most relevant of all,  it also offers all of the benefits on our wish list above.

Linda Davies of Paradigm’s broker of record, Davies Condos Real Estate, says the previously-completed phase set a high bar for this final stage:

“The original Paradigm was designed with some quite extensive and amazing amenities. After it was built they were so well-received, people loved it,” Davies says. “When it came to Paradigm Grand the Molinaro Group had to compete with their original Paradigm. They had to outdo themselves and they have.”

Deal Directly with the Builder for the Best Deal!

The Molinaro Group handles sales in-house. That means you deal directly with the builder, beginning with a personal inspection tour of your desired unit, and a chance to select custom finishes before work is completed.

Molinaro Executive Vice President, Robert Molinaro is proud of what this landmark has brought to Burlington, and prouder still of the opportunity it presents to home buyers and investors who looking for something that combines the best of all worlds: lakefront living, small town charm and contemporary lifestyle amenities.

“This Grand Finale is the full expression of our vision for this development,” says Robert. “Paradigm was a great success; Paradigm Grand will be an even better success. This is your best opportunity to buy in Burlington’s number one project. “

Current GTA residents who are in the market for change are encouraged to grab this chance to escape the congestion and market uncertainty, says Molinaro Manager Director Sam Di Santo. “Commuting to Toronto or even Hamilton couldn’t be easier with Paradigm Grand… the location alone is breakthrough that’s a European-style concept, right next to the GO Station.”

The Grand Finale will include street-level commercial space, offices and hundreds of additional residential units rising above in the 18 storey towers.

How much closer can you come to getting everything you’ve ever wanted?  Did you say “compromise?” Paradigm Grand means you don’t have to.