Bridge Month Brings Cultural Dividends

February Events in Burlington Ontario

Bridge Month Brings Cultural Dividends

Snow, rain, and grey skies go with the territory in February. What’s great is that the bleakest month is also the shortest one. Let’s not waste any more time getting into the calendar of events that will keep you sane until the big melt of March signals the start of spring.

At the Molinaro Group, we’ve always championed Burlington’s cultural cornerstones, including the Performing Arts Centre, Botanical Gardens and festival scene, among others.

“These cultural amenities are part of what makes Burlington great,” says company President, Vince Molinaro.

“We’ve always taken the opportunity to support these institutions and we enjoy being associated with them.”

Ever the diplomat, he declines to pick a favourite, but you can be sure he’ll be holding tickets to one or more of these events on the February schedule.

February Events in Burlington Ontario

Burlington Performing Arts Centre

 What’s better than old time rock n’ roll for shaking the winter blues and getting you on your feet? If Valentine’s Day doesn’t get your heart racing then maybe Trooper is the answer. The iconic Canadian rock band performs all the hits, one night only at the BPAC on February 23rd. You have to be a certain age to remember driving along to the rousing chorus of We’re Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time) or Raise a Little Hell. They were among the biggest radio hits of their day and continue to win fans decades later.

  • KIM MITCHELL (Patio Lanterns, anyone?). Mitchell always draws a crowd anxious to hear his signature mega-hit and many others. The only thing missing is the shoulder-length hair (Feb. 18)!
  • IMAGINATION MOVERS (Family Day Fun!). The Emmy-winning rock band for families has earned a continent-wide following through regular appearances on the Disney Channel and network television. They’ll draw from an archive of 250 original songs to bring cheer to parents and kids on the civic holiday Monday (Feb. 20).
·         SEÁN CULLEN’S COMEDY COCKTAIL. The renowned funny man of stage and screen returns to BPAC with a band of like-minded scoundrels ready to make your sides split with laughter. This standup/variety show/comedy review promises non-stop giggles and plenty of surprises – a perfect antidote to the mid-winter blahs (Feb. 22).
  • RHINESTONE COWGIRL: Celebrating Dolly Parton

  • A tribute to the beloved country music star, this concert program spans decades of hit songs and runs for four nights (Feb. 23-26).

The February schedule also includes performances by the Burlington Dance Company, the folk-singer duo Madison Violet, pianist Francine Kay, The Lion King Jr. Musical and Kevin Hearn of the Barenaked Ladies.

Visit the BPAC website for a complete list of event dates and ticket information.

February is Black History Month and the Royal Botanical Gardens will honour this legacy with a month-long series of displays. Three separate presentations offer insights into the natural world through the eyes of black artists and visionaries.

WinterTide runs Thursday through Saturday every week from February 9 until March 18. Experience the beauty of a Canadian winter’s eve in an outdoor jazz lounge. It features music by the ensemble T.U. Jazz against a backdrop of crackling fire pits, romantic lighting and snowy scenery at the Rock Garden. Enjoy cocktails and dining options at the Rock Garden Bistro.

Visit the RBG website for ticketing info and a full list of exhibits, courses and workshops available in February and beyond.

“Going indoors in the fall and winter is always a lot of fun at the performing arts centre, and there’s our famous festival of lights. That’ll warm your heart up, for sure.” Vince says.

“Our company, and others like it, have thrown our corporate weight and sense of civic pride behind our local cultural institutions and public festivities. We believe in helping Burlington become one of Canada’s most desirable destinations for living and leisure. We lend our support because it’s good for our community and because Burlington has been so good to us.”

Thanks, Vince. Now, show us your tickets.