Fortune Favours the Bold

Fortune Favours the Bold

While the rate of inflation is down year-over-year, consumer borrowing rates – including mortgage costs – could inch upward again before they peak. This is either a time to sit on the sidelines or get in the game now, before rates rise again.

To paraphrase a number of national financial advice columnist, we could see a few more years interest rate fluctuation while the market sorts out the many factors that led to overheating. That makes this a good time to focus on fundamentals, particularly if you’re exploring a first condo or a downsize move to a more carefree condo lifestyle.

Here at the Molinaro Group, the value proposition remains the same. We’re building. The Paradigm Grand Finale is under construction and Group president, Vince Molinaro, says the project is on track, the sales centre is open and the opportunity to invest in Burlington’s premier lifestyle community looks better than ever.

“We know the economic climate now is not the greatest but we’re very bullish and we’re looking ahead. We think it’s a great time to build and a good time especially for the buyers to buy. There isn’t a lot of product out there; I think Paradigm stands out to everybody and it’s a great opportunity to buy right now,” he says.

A Proven Investment in Midtown Burlington

An award-winning fixture on the Burlington skyline, Paradigm has a dedicated clientele and an array of amenities and benefits hard to find anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe, much less in the coveted central Toronto market that’s basically off-limits to first-time property owners and anyone struggling to assemble a down payment.

Vince concedes that price is always going to be the first consideration, but location has to be a close second:

“The best part of Paradigm Grand is its location in Burlington. It’s really a hidden gem of a city that too many still don’t know enough about,” says Vince.

What you need to know is Burlington has been named one of the top mid-sized cities in Canada multiple times on multiple platforms. It has a small-town feel, with all the amenities of a big city. “And you can’t beat the waterfront, say Vince. “Beautiful Spencer Smith Park is a great setting, the city hosts festivals in the summer and winter. This place is second to none.”

The Molinaros made their sterling reputation with a remarkable series of lakefront developments to lead the way in redefining the city as a premier destination for anyone seeking a relaxed, established community, and an easy commute to work in the GTA.

GO for Paradigm

Anchoring Paradigm to the neighbouring GO station was the initial master stroke. Residents are a short walk away from the train, meaning the car can stay at home for a hassle-free trip into the city, minus the stress and expense of battling highway traffic.

Then there’s the experience of buying from the Molinaro Group. Linda Davies of Davies Condos Real Estate says they’re a different kind of developer.

“They have a track record of success that is unparalleled in Burlington but, the most important thing about buying from the Molinaro Group, is they say what they’re going to do and they do it,” Linda says.

If you happen to swing by the location on Fairview St., you’ll see that the dig is well underway for the foundation of the two, street-facing towers that will eventually complete the company’s vision. The original Paradigm transformed the Burlington landscape, introduced a dramatic new high-rise element, and changed the perception of lifestyle living with an incomparable array of on-site amenities, including:

  • Indoor pool and fitness centre
  • Lounges yoga studio and meeting areas
  • Expansive outdoor terraces, with seating areas and recreation space
  • Customizable floor plans and deluxe treatments
  • Unobstructed lakefront and panoramic sightlines

A Grand Finale to Realize a Grand Vision

The Finale will combine more residential units with office space and street-level commercial real estate, all consistent with the existing footprint which has earned raves for its design and tasteful detail.

Executive V-P Robert Molinaro, says the company always tries to out-do itself, and the Grand Finale is no exception. As he surveys the machinery churning away on site, he foresees a spectacular new addition rising from behind the colourful barrier surrounding the job site.

“We believe our buildings beautify the city of Burlington. That’s why we put up this amazing hoarding to beautify during construction of Paradigm Grand.”

Yes, the economic situation is fluid, but the Molinaro Group has stayed the course with its original vision, and has the ultimate goal in sight. That’s one more benefit in a long list of reasons to look at Paradigm Grand.