Get the Lifestyle Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Molinaro Group's Commitment to Customer Assurance

Get the Lifestyle Benefits You’ll Enjoy

“People truly enjoy living in our properties because, in many ways, they offer the features of a high-quality house but in a setting that makes those luxurious amenities affordable,” said Vince Molinaro, President, Molinaro Group.

A key feature of a Molinaro Group development is its amenities. The Group pays great attention to providing customers with everything they could want in a premium lifestyle residence. All Molinaro buildings have access to outdoor space, such as balconies and terraces for individual units. And every building has features that cannot be found in most single-family homes. For example, 360 on Pearl is equipped with an entertainment lounge, theatre room, rooftop terrace, 24/7 security staff, and concierge services. At The Baxter, catering to families was a key design consideration so the condo offered bigger units, some of which exceeded 2,500 square feet. And the Molinaro Team enabled buyers to put their own personal touches on their units before moving in.

Take Advantage of the Location

Molinaro Group also has long believed in the value of building properties in downtown Burlington as a way to revitalize what was once an unattractive part of town. Bunton’s Wharf and The Baxter are located just steps from Spencer Smith Park, which fronts onto Lake Ontario. And both condos are right in the midst of numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment venues that sprung up in the wake of Molinaro’s investment in the area.

Many Molinaro properties are located to encourage the use of public transit and reduce the use of private vehicles. For example, multiple award winner Paradigm, in Midtown Burlington, is within steps of the Burlington GO Station, following the European style of incorporating public transit into where people live. It also features covered storage facilities in its underground parkade for convenient bicycle parking.

“Back in 2007, we knew transit would be extremely important, as it is in Europe,” said Sam DiSanto, Managing Director, Molinaro Group. “We were ahead of our time, and the success of Paradigm is the proof of that vision.”

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Molinaro Group understands that people want amenities that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. For that reason, many properties include pools, gyms, workout rooms, and more, enabling residents to stay active and energized. In addition to an indoor rooftop pool, Strata offers a meditation garden. Meanwhile at Illumina, there’s a conveniently located, ground floor fitness studio, while Paradigm offers a one-of-a-kind outdoor fitness circuit and entertainment space.

The company cares about the health of the community as well. For the past couple of years, Molinaro Group has donated land and materials to support an urban farm. This year alone, the garden produced over 1,000 pounds of fresh vegetables and herbs for the Burlington Food Bank.

Reduce Utility Expenses

Molinaro Group has been ahead of the curve when it comes to its properties’ energy efficiency and sustainability. The company knows energy costs will continue to rise and have taken steps to reduce their properties’ carbon footprint. This has the added benefit of lowering owners’ utility bills.

For example, suites and common areas in Paradigm are equipped with energy-efficient lighting and energy recovery ventilators. The building is LEED® Silver Certified, in part due to design features that reduce its water usage. Every unit in Illumina, which is the first ENERGY STAR® certified building in Canada, is equipped with energy-efficient appliances. The building exceeds building code requirements by ten per cent, which means measurable savings for every owner. And Strata is equipped with a state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system, which reduces energy usage by one-third versus most natural gas systems.

“Being environmentally friendly is not new to us,” said Robert Molinaro, Executive Vice President, Molinaro Group. “We’re committed to it because it’s good for the planet, it’s good business, and it benefits our purchasers.”