Look to Future and You’ll See Paradigm Grand

The last Bank of Canada interest rate announcement of 2023 dashed expectations for immediate rate cuts in 2024, but the future is more encouraging if you adjust your perspective and look ahead.

Inflation is still foremost on the minds of Bank of Canada mavens, much to the annoyance of would-be home buyers looking for interest rate relief before they return, in force, to the market.

Bank Governor Tiff Macklem’s mid-December announcement signaled satisfaction with progress toward winning the inflation battle but not the imminent rate cuts mortgage seekers would prefer.

Like other builders, the Molinaro Group is anxious to see the Bank reverse course and loosen its grip on the money supply. If nothing else, it can be safely said that events are trending toward lower borrowing costs in 2024, and beyond, if inflation remains in check.

Moving Forward with Confidence

But it’s not a deal-breaker for us. We know the situation will play out and so we’re following through with our plan to finish what we’ve started.

Take a good look at our Paradigm Grand site because, at this time next year it will look radically different. The Grand Finale, as we call it, got underway with excavation work in 2023 and is beginning to move the next level with crane installation expected in January.

While you’re looking around, you might notice other builders are much more reluctant to follow through with construction and are choosing to play the waiting game. That’s fine with us. We’ll be preparing to finish off Paradigm Grand about the same time as those companies are just ramping up again.

When we do, you’ll be moving into a lifestyle condominium community unlike any other in The Golden Horseshoe, built to our own lofty standards as industry trend-setters.

Jennifer Connell of our in-house brokerage, Davies Condos Real Estate, reminds prospective buyers to look beyond short-term financing issues and consider the value proposition.

“It’s evident the times have shifted. Money is no longer cheap. But Paradigm Grand is in a class all of its own. It’s something you really need to come learn about. In terms of amenities, location, design, it really can’t be beat in our marketplace. So when you’re ready, Paradigm Grand is absolutely the condominium you need to learn more about.”

Investing in Your Future is Always a Wise Decision

Molinaro Executive Vice President, Robert Molinaro understands the chilling impact of a 20-year high in interest rate costs, including the 10 consecutive rates hikes since 2022 that got us to where we are today. Still, he’s confident that anyone who visits the Sales Centre, to learn just how extraordinary Paradigm Grand is, will be sold on its long-term benefits.

“When it comes to any important investment, you have to look to the future. And the future is Paradigm Grand. It has it all, architecture, building amenities, finishes, and a track record of success from the Molinaro Group,” he says.

The Molinaro Group continues to redefine Burlington’s image and skyline, winning the trust of city leadership, the building industry and, most importantly, condo buyers at every stage of our history.

Robert Molinaro reminds us that investors who bought into the original Paradigm, are coming back:

“We’ve won many awards but what’s important to us is the loyalty of our customers. Many people have bought more than one condo from us. That says a lot about our quality.”

Burlington’s Unparalleled Condominium Development

The old adage “you get what you pay for,” is particularly apt with Paradigm Grand. The benefits are evident at first glance:

  • A Midtown Burlington location beside a mass transit hub in a vital new neighbourhood
  • Minutes away from beautiful Lake Ontario and civic parkland
  • Spectacular views from outdoor terraces and balconies
  • Resort-calibre amenities including a pool, fitness centre, meeting, and party rooms
  • Choice of finishes and floor plans to suit your tastes and needs
  • Close proximity to shopping, public attractions, and a major hospital
  • A responsive builder that places customer satisfaction above all else. And delivers

The Molinaro Team is keeping its eye on the prize, and despite whipsawing predictions of real estate and money market pundits, we know wise decisions are informed by longer term thinking.

Whether rates decline by mid-2024 as the current trend suggests, or condo prices climb by an average of five percent as is suggested elsewhere, Paradigm Grand will continue to be the singular Burlington condo whose location and lifestyle opportunities remain unmatched in the GTA. That’s a future you can believe in.