Molinaro Group Builds Health and Wellness into its Condos, and Beyond

MG Builds Health and Wellness into its condos

Molinaro Group is well known for developing premium quality condominiums that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and supportive of residents’ health and well-being. This approach is central to the company’s long-standing strategy of helping to make Burlington one of the best places to live in Canada.

Designing Amenities for Residents’ Well-being

Molinaro Group puts significant effort into designing buildings with a healthier living environment. They also integrate amenities that help support residents’ active lifestyles and overall well-being.

Paradigm Phase One is LEED® Silver Certified, due in part to its energy efficiency and higher air quality. Its high-efficiency features help to reduce the building’s environmental footprint while minimizing residents’ ongoing costs. All suites and common areas are equipped with energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), which maintain the relative humidity in living areas. Paradigm Phae One also includes amenities that support healthier living, such as the indoor pool, basketball court, exercise studio, and one-of-a-kind outdoor fitness circuit and dining lounge gardens.

“Our residents want to live in a healthier environment,” said Sam Disanto, Managing Director, Molinaro Group. “At the same time, they appreciate the long-term savings in living in a more energy-efficient building.”

Meanwhile, Illumina, soon to be one of Canada’s first ENERGY STAR® certified buildings, meets and exceeds the standards for air tightness tests, HVAC and mechanical commissioning, and benchmarking requirements. Its appliances use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which are both healthier and more efficient (thus less costly) for residents. Illumina’s amenities also support healthier bodies and minds, as the building features a fully equipped fitness studio and serene rooftop party room and panoramic terrace.

Paradigm Grand, the Molinaro Group’s Grand Finale of the Paradigm master planned community in Midtown Burlington,  builds upon a commitment to support its residents’ healthy lifestyles. Its amenities include indoor pool, yoga and activity rooms, and a spectacular outdoor terrace, which offers residents a serene space to enjoy views that go all the way to the lake.

Growing Food and Community at the Urban Farm

Molinaro Group’s commitment to health and wellness extends beyond its buildings and their residents. The Group is also involved in helping to feed people who don’t have access to affordable food.

Now in its third year, the Bunchberry Connections-Molinaro Group Urban Farm in downtown Burlington improves food security for people in the community by producing fresh vegetables and herbs for the local Food bank. The Urban Farm also features a pollinator garden, which will help with growing tomato and cucumber plants, and mindfulness classes are also planned for the site. Molinaro Group sponsorship includes access to its land on Brant and Ghent Streets, hay bales for planting and a water pump for crop irrigation. The Urban Farm has been a huge success producing thousands of pounds of fresh food  which has gone a long way to supporting food bank users.

Supporting Burlington’s Health and Wellness

Burlington’s residents depend on having regular access to quality healthcare. As a result, it’s important to have modern healthcare facilities that can support a growing population.

In 2013, Molinaro Group donated $1 million to the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Foundation. The donation went toward the hospital’s redevelopment and expansion fundraising campaign. The Group understood and appreciated the importance of the hospital to their family and the community, which is why they decided to donate to this worthy cause. The hospital named an inpatient unit after the Molinaro Group to thank them for the donation.

“Supporting quality healthcare in Burlington is important to our family,” Group President, Vince Molinaro,. “It was only fitting we that we be a significant supporter of one of Burlington’s most essential expansion projects.”