Molinaro Group: More than Just a Builder

Burlington Waterfront

Molinaro Group is not just another builder in Burlington. It’s evident in the properties they’ve developed, the way they interact with buyers, and how they’ve contributed to Burlington’s growth.

“The Molinaro Group brings their product to market a little bit differently than others,” said Linda Davies, Broker of Record, Davies Condo Real Estate. “They say what they’re going to do and they deliver on their promises.”

A Builder with History in Burlington

Molinaro Group has been in the property development business for over 60 years. And, perhaps more importantly, they’ve been developing residential and commercial properties in Burlington for almost 25 years. When Domenic Molinaro first arrived in the city, its downtown and waterfront was a blank canvas. He set out to fulfill his vision of what Burlington could be by developing beautiful and unique buildings that redefined and vastly imnproved their neighbourhoods.

Molinaro Group started Burlington’s growth with the development of Spencer’s Landing. When it was built in 2003, it was the city’s first condo in almost 20 years. This led the way to other iconic developments – Bunton’s Wharf, The Baxter, 360 on Pearl. Paradigm is its latest award-winning condominium development, and, with Paradigm Grand now selling, the Group’s track record of success continues.

“We don’t rest on the laurels of the past,” said Sam DiSanto, Managing Director, Molinaro Group. “With every building we create today, we learn from what we’ve done and enhance the next project as much as we can.”

Dealing Directly with the Builder

Molinaro Group is a family owned and operated company, which is reflected in how they run the business. They are hands on and involved in every part of the operations, from the initial design through to the final sale and beyond to customer delivery.

For example, buyers get access to timely and accurate information and engage with experienced salespeople at Davies Condos who understand Molinaro’s products and offerings. More importantly, buyers deal directly with the builder through their exclusive arrangement with Davies, so there’s no third parties, meaning, buyers get the best selection and best prices.

“We take a personal interest to make sure our buyers are happy,” said Robert Molinaro, Executive Vice President, Molinaro Group. “We want to be involved in every aspect to make sure our customers are happy.”

Commitment to Craft, Customers, and Community

Molinaro Group is dedicated to developing quality properties. They take great pride in the unique design of their buildings, they use of high-quality sustainable materials, and deliver  amenities that appeal to buyers. The proof is in the numerous awards they’ve won for their developments, which have also helped put Burlington on the map.

The builder’s commitment to quality is evident in the number of repeat buyers they’ve had over the years. The owners of Molinaro Group take great pride in the loyalty of their customers, as it speaks to the quality of their work and their commitment to customer care.

“We take a personal interest in the satisfaction of their buyers as we do in the successful completion of our developments,” said Sam.

Molinaro Group also gives more as a builder by giving back to the community. They have supported and invested in numerous charitable initiatives, including the Joseph Brant Hospital, public library, and performing arts centre. They’ve also partnered with local businesses and initiatives at the community level. For example, they’ve donated land and materials to create an Urban Farm with Bunchberry Connections. This year alone, the farm produced over 1,000 pounds of fresh food for the Burlington Food Bank.

“The food bank is a great organization, full of passionate volunteers, and we’re happy to help them provide people with fresh vegetables and herbs,” said Vince Molinaro, President, Molinaro Group.