Molinaro Group’s Commitment to Customer Assurance

Molinaro Group's Commitment to Customer Assurance

Focus on Customer Satisfaction is a Family Affair

While the Molinaro Group certainly is known for designing and delivering iconic condos throughout Burlington, their buyers also know the Company delivers a high level of customer care. At Molinaro, customer service has always been a top priority, one that keeps buyers happy, and sees them return to the Molinaro Group for additional condo purchases.

“We see our customers as joining our family, so customer care begins before we even release our condos to the market,” says Vince Molinaro, President, Molinaro Group. “We design our projects to ensure our customers enjoy an awesome lifestyle in a premium quality living environment. That’s rule one in making sure our they’re happy over the long term.”

Robert Molinaro, Executive Vice President at Molinaro Group, summarizes the Company’s priorities succinctly. “We’ve won a lot of awards for our condos but it’s our customers’ loyalty that matters most. Our customer care is a big reason why we have so many repeat buyers.”

Customer Care Begins Before the Purchase

Customers place an enormous amount of trust in their developer and the Molinaro Group ensures they get the product and service they expect and deserve.

“From the very first meeting, right through to move-in and beyond, we are involved in every aspect of their journey to keep our customers happy,” says Robert.
To do that, the Molinaro Group takes a hands-on, family-style approach to customer care. It begins the moment potential buyers enter one of their sales centres. A sales agent greets them, either in person or virtually, and provides them with the information and attention needed to make an educated buying decision.

“The agents are knowledgeable and flexible,” said Linda Davies, President of Davies Condos, Molinaro’s Broker of Record. “If we have a savvy purchaser who wants to expedite the process, we will accommodate. If it’s a purchaser who is new to the process, we’ll will take whatever time is needed step-by-step to help that buyer through that process. Once that deal is done, it’s over to the Molinaro Group Customer Care Program, which, in my opinion, is second to none.”

Linda also points out Molinaro Group’s ongoing video series on their buildings’ progress (such as Illumina) which buyers say is educational and re-assuring.

Attention to Detail

Molinaro Group consistently uses high quality materials in all of its projects and focuses on meticulous design finishes throughout the building process. This is supported through maintaining long-term relationships with their vendors and contractors, many of have worked for the Group for decades.

This focus on detail and relationships inspires Molinaro Group to give residents what they desire in their home. For example, The Baxter offered larger units and amenities to meet the needs of families looking for their “home in the sky.” At 360 on Pearl, which was built with high-end amenities and design elements, buyers were able to customize their units to their personal preferences.

Molinaro Group also are leaders in innovative design. They employ efficient building practices that emphasize the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. For example, Paradigm Phase One is LEED® Silver Certified, receiving awards for energy efficiency, air quality, and design innovation; and it’s built with many locally sourced materials. Illumina, now nearing completion in Burlington’s Downtown West neighbourhood, is Canada’s first ENERGY STAR® certified building, meeting the program’s stringent requirements.

Caring About the Community

Molinaro Group’s commitment to its customers extends to the city of Burlington and its communities. The company continues to fund philanthropic initiatives, including Joseph Brant Hospital, Carpenter Hospice, the public library, and the performing arts centre. It also donated land and materials to support an urban farm, which provides fresh produce for the food bank. And most recently, they’ve helped beautify Burlington’s downtown area with their fourth mural, this one my world-renowned artist Kelsey Montague.

“Focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency is another way we deliver on customer care,” said Sam DiSanto, Managing Director, Molinaro Group. “We design our condos so our residents live in a healthier environment. And they also appreciate the longer-term savings they’ll get living in a more energy-efficient building.”