Paradigm Grand’s Antidote to Winter’s Darkness

The Dark Times are upon us.

Not the medieval version, of course, but we’re referencing some of the shortest days of the calendar year. These are the winter days that seem to be over before they begin and are bereft of sunshine. The ones that sometimes find us staring blankly out the window at a barren landscape and wondering how long before the trees return to bud. Thanks to the foresight that went into Paradigm Grand and the Grand Finale, you can heed the words of legendary folksinger Joan Baez, who famously said, “action is the antidote to despair.”

Like her enchanting voice, those words ring true. That’s why the Molinaro Group built a comprehensive list of leisure amenities into Paradigm Grand’s lifestyle condominiums, to expressly address and defuse the seasonal gloom. Consider the expansive party and games rooms, and fireplace lounge, along with the rooftop spaces and deluxe indoor fitness facilities. Here you’re allowed to choose darkness, not be consumed by it.

Executive Vice-President, Rob Molinaro, says significant square footage that could have gone unused or relegated to mechanicals, was reassessed and repurposed to give residents yet more options. The undeniable beauty of Paradigm Grand as a lifestyle community results from these optimizations that provide out-sized benefits for both daily living and, importantly, investor equity.

“We’re grateful to have had so many great experiences in building condos here in Burlington,” Rob says. “We’ve had so many opportunities to learn how to leverage and manage space to create extra value. It’s extremely gratifying.”

Choices are really what it’s all about. Hunkering down with a blanket and an espresso machine sounds like a good time to us but good mental health benefits from variety. Paradigm Grand provides such options at every turn. In the words of Group President, Vince Molinaro, it’s often been about “maximizing opportunities” during each phase of construction. Whenever there was a chance to add a quality of life feature, they pounced. He’s the first to admit that some of the most prominent outdoor leisure spaces were outright detours from the original blueprint; ideas that simply presented themselves in due course, and were seized upon as enhancements to a master plan that already stressed access to recreation.

“The amenities in the building are what give the building life. We have pools, we have the outdoor terraces, theatre room, party room, the gym. The amenities are second to none.” Vince says.

“This is where people congregate. This is where people make memories. This is where people make their new friends. This is the lifestyle we envisioned when we created this project.”

Making personal connections can be difficult at this time of year when our primal instincts tell us to huddle near a heat source, isolate, and over-consume. Add the wariness that results from years of pandemic anxiety and it’s a steeper challenge. What the Molinaros have done, in effect, is neutralize those primitive urges to counter-program that mindset. Not every condo builder would think as deeply in these terms or with such an obvious sense of commitment. The evidence, though, is everywhere.

Towering ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, abundant natural light and attention to detail characterize the common indoor areas that become so important in winter. Better still, going outdoors for fresh air means not even having to leave the complex. The terraces, outdoor seating, and meeting areas are easily accessed by anyone seeking a glimpse of the sun during its infrequent appearances.

Long-time sales representative, Sophie Buzzelli, of Davies Condos Real Estate Brokerage, has witnessed the project evolve almost from the beginning. Based on her own vast experience in the field, she knows firsthand how these premium features are often decisive in turning prospective buyers into committed investors and happy community members.

Customers seeking to have it all, she says, are sold on the Paradigm Grand ethos that, “Everything you need is right at home.”