Spring Cleaning: 5 Areas to Tackle In Your Condo

In just a few short days, spring will be here! With the warmer weather right around the corner, it’s time to do a big condo clean out. There’s nothing like decluttering your space to get ready for a new season. Here are 5 areas to tackle in your condo to begin your spring cleaning:



Since many people clean their kitchen every few days, we’re going to focus on the areas that tend to be overlooked. Start with the sink and do a deep clean using lemon rinds to eliminate any unwelcome odours. Next, remove all your dinnerware and appliances from the cupboards and drawers. Wipe down the insides to give the shelves and drawers a good clean before putting everything back. Finally, it’s time to clean out the fridge. Take out all the groceries and wipe down the entire interior of the fridge. To get rid of any bacteria or stains in your fridge, pop out the bins and shelves and wash them with soap and water. Remember to wipe down the exteriors of large appliances when you’re finished cleaning to remove any fingerprints or grease buildup.



It’s time to focus on the bathroom! Beginning with the shower, unclog the drain and wipe down the tub. Additionally, scrub the tiles and clean the shower head. Next, turn your attention to the toilet. Scrub down the entire toilet with your favorite cleaner, ensuring you get every nook and cranny. Lastly, pull out all toiletries, grooming tools and makeup, and wipe down both the bathroom cabinet and vanity. Purge and organize all items as you put them back in place and enjoy your spotless bathroom.



Closet cleanouts can seem daunting, however, tackling one closet at a time is the key to eliminate stress. Start with the smaller closet in your entryway and work your way up to the master bedroom closet. Pull out all your clothes, shoes and any miscellaneous items. Dust and vacuum the closet, and sort through everything. Once you’ve decided what items will be kept and what will be donated, start organizing the closet. Try cleaning out one closet per weekend to avoid being overwhelmed.



Since we’re all spending more time at the home office, it’s important to keep your workspace clean and organized. Clear off your desk and empty the drawers, getting rid of any unnecessary documents and clutter. Clean out your technology drawer to ensure you only have items you use, and donate unneeded items, such as old phone or computer chargers. Keeping your home office tidy will help you stay focused and productive during the workday.


Junk Drawer

The dreaded junk drawer, we’ve all got one! While we never intend to create a junk drawer, they usually form because we’re looking for a quick way to clear off a surface or get rid of clutter. Eliminating your junk drawer starts with preventing clutter from happening in the first place. Remove everything from the drawer, creating a ‘toss’ pile and a ‘relocate’ pile. After you’ve tossed all the junk, set up an organization system for small items such as keys, mail, important documents and anything else you that you need to keep. If everything that lives in your junk drawer has a dedicated area in your condo, then you’ll avoid clutter. Monthly cleanouts can also help prevent drawers from becoming disorganized and overwhelming.


What area of your condo are you cleaning out first?