What To Unpack First In Your New Home


Where are the towels? Who packed the cat food? When you’re surrounded by boxes, what you need is a strategy.

We all know moving can be extremely stressful, but if you’re organized, you can make the unpacking portion very efficient. The key is to plan ahead, well before your moving date arrives. Around 100 boxes containing all your valuable belongings will arrive at your new home, stacked to the ceiling, which will be slightly overwhelming. To create a seamless moving process, you’ll want to get the important pieces ready first, and ensure you have everything that you and your family require for the first few days. Here’s a strategy of how to unpack when you first arrive at your new home.



Create and label a few essential boxes with all the crucial items you will need for the first night. These boxes should include extra clothes, towels, toiletries, medication, and snacks. If you have multiple family members, a good strategy would be to pack one essential box per person. Make lists for yourself, your partner, and your children and have them add their own items to create their essential boxes. Once you arrive at the new house, everyone will have all their important items in one place, and they’ll have exactly what they need for the first few nights.


Basic Furniture

After you’ve unpacked the essential boxes, next up is major furniture! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable place to sleep after all that unpacking? Building the bed is the most important thing to finish on the first day. Don’t forget about pillows, sheets, and a comforter! Moving is exhausting and it’ll be nice to start off with a good night’s sleep in your new home. Try to aim for all the beds to be made and dressed on the first day, so you and your family can enjoy your night. If you have time after the beds are made, dining tables and chairs would be a logical next step. This way, when you take a break from unpacking, you can sit as a family and dine together (even if you’re having takeout)!


Install Appliances

After you’re set up for basic sleeping and eating, it’s time to get your appliances up and running. If the new home comes with appliances, check to make sure they’re working correctly. There’s nothing worse than faulty machines when you have a sink full of dishes or a huge pile of laundry. Takeout is great for the first day or so, but after a few days, it’d be nice to cook a meal together in your new. If you’ve ordered new appliances, try to schedule their arrival on the first or second day of your move, so you can access them immediately!



While bathrooms are quite usable on their own, if you unpack all the items from your essentials box, you’ll effectively have a working bathroom. Place your towels on the rack and line up your toiletries in their new space, and you’ve got yourself a functional bathroom. If you have extra time, start unpacking other boxes, and set up shower items, hair tools, and makeup.


Home Office

If you have a home office, it’s the next section of your home that you should begin organizing. Make sure the Wi-Fi is set up, as well as your desk, chair and computer. After a few days of unpacking and moving around furniture, you’ll want your home office to be ready for your next workday.



If you have pets, are they staying with friends while you set everything up? Make sure you’ve unpacked everything your pet needs to feel comfortable and safe when they get to the new house. Pets will likely be confused about the new environment, so it will help to have familiar items such as their toys and food set up when they arrive.


Let us know what you’re unpacking first in your new home!