Illumina on track to be Canada’s First High Rise Residential ENERGY STAR® Certified Condo

Illumina is the first high rise in Canada to have the Energystar Certification

Molinaro Group set new standards in the design and development of Illumina. From its sleek exterior to its beautifully designed suites with premium finishes, all complemented with a host of elegant and useful amenities, Illumina is a winner.

Illumina was also built with a commitment to sustainability in mind. It is on track to be the first ENERGY STAR® Multifamily High-Rise (new construction) condominium building in Ontario. In fact, Illumina aims to exceed the program’s energy use targets. and being more environmentally friendly, so residents will benefit from reduced energy use and lower utility bills.

“Aspiring to  ENERGY STAR certification for Illumina in Burlington is part of our continuing commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency,” said Vince Molinaro, President, Molinaro Group. “We understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and creating environmentally friendly living spaces. This certification will reinforce our belief that the steps we’ve taken toward a greener future are steps in the right direction.”


You’re probably familiar with ENERGY STAR® certified products, such as refrigerators, washers, air conditioners, lightbulbs, and thermostats. These products must meet strict energy-efficiency standards, confirming they use less energy than non-certified products. This performance rating serves to protect the environment and reduce energy-related expenses for consumers.

The program assists builders and developers in constructing more energy efficient buildings, supporting private sector investment in high-performance buildings, increasing comfort for residents, lowering operating costs for owners, and reducing emissions for all.

But what does it mean when a building is ENERGY STAR® certified?

Many multi-family buildings consume a lot of energy – including gas, electricity, and water – and generate significant greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). In comparison, ENERGY STAR® certified buildings are designed to meet the strict energy performance standards. To qualify for certification, a new high rise multi-family building must be designed to be at least 15 per cent more energy efficient than a building built to code.

Modelling on the success of the ENERGY STAR® New Homes program, EnerQuality – Canada’s  #1 certifier of energy efficient housing and the market leader in residential green building programs – began working with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and a small group of builders, engineers, energy advisors and architects committed to building better.

This teamwork resulted in the ENERGY STAR® Multifamily Certification Program, a voluntary, industry-led building standard and certification that guides developers, builders, designers and contractors seeking to build high performance homes for the seniors, singles and families living in multifamily buildings.

How Illumina will achieve ENERGY STAR® certification

Of course, every Illumina unit is equipped with ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, including refrigerators, electric slide-in rangers, front load washers and dryers, and range hood fans. Molinaro Group has also installed energy-efficient lighting fixtures in all units and throughout the building.

Illumina will surpass the 15 per cent energy efficient requirement because Molinaro Group went further than required to reduce its carbon footprint. The building

The condo features energy efficient, double-glazed floor to ceiling windows, which provide higher R-values in insulation. The windows contribute to a more airtight building envelope, resulting in less heat loss and lower heating costs.

Molinaro Group has even reduced the building’s water usage through the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures and other water-saving measures.

Why should Illumina’s residents care their building is ENERGY STAR® certified?

Since all units are individually metered for electricity and water, individual utility bills will be lower, and units will have a higher resale value over time. In addition to using less electricity, the building will have lower operating costs, better air flow, fewer drafts, and higher comfort levels in private and public spaces. And residents will feel better knowing they live in a more environmentally friendly building.

“For our customers, ENERGY STAR means lower hydro bills,” said Robert Molinaro, Vice President, Molinaro Group. “and that we’re all helping the environment in a sustainable way.” See the video here:

Molinaro Leads With LEED