Molinaro Leads With LEED

Molinaro Group Leads with LEED

Molinaro Leads with LEED

“Being environmentally friendly is not new to us.”

Robert Molinaro, Executive Vice-President, Molinaro Group

Molinaro Group has long been at the forefront of improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of its buildings. Its exhaustive efforts have improved the quality of its building design and construction, and created a better living environment for residents. Its environmental leadership will also increase the lifespan of its buildings and reduce residents’ cost of living over the longer term.

LEED Certification for Paradigm

LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third-party green building certification program. It sets the standard for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings and promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability. To qualify for LEED® certification, projects must meet certain prerequisites and earn credits related to addressing energy, water, carbon, waste, transportation, materials, health, and indoor environmental quality.


Paradigm is a LEED® Silver Certified development, receiving awards for energy efficiency, air quality, and design innovation. It is built with locally sourced building materials, features a state-of-the-art “white” roof, and incorporates native and drought-tolerant plant species and high-efficiency irrigation equipment into outdoor spaces. Suites and common areas are also equipped with energy-efficient lighting and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs).


“Creating LEED developments is just good business and it also benefits our purchasers, as they get to live in a healthier environment,” said Vince Molinaro, President, Molinaro Group.

ENERGY STAR Certification for Illumina

Many people know about ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, which are more energy efficient than typical appliances. But did you know buildings can also be ENERGY STAR® certified?


ENERGY STAR® certified buildings use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most buildings. They must meet strict energy performance standards, as set out by the Environmental Protection Agency, and are evaluated annually to ensure they maintain those standards. Buildings must earn an ENERGY STAR® score of 75 or higher, which means they perform better than at least 75% of similar buildings.



Illumina is the first ENERGY STAR® certified building in Canada. Its appliances are designed and manufactured to use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. It has also been certified for meeting the ENERGY STAR® program’s air tightness tests, HVAC and mechanical commissioning, and benchmarking requirements.


“It will be ten per cent better than building code, which translates to ten per cent energy savings for the customers,” said Vince Molinaro.

LEED – Geothermal Heating and Cooling at Strata

Strata is one of the first condominiums in Burlington to apply for LEED® certification. In addition to its water-efficient features and green roof, the building has a state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system.


A geothermal (or geoexchange) electric heating and cooling system draws heat (and cooling) from the ground. It is a more environmentally friendly way to heat and cool buildings because it employs a renewable energy source and does not produce carbon emissions. It also reduces the building’s heating and cooling energy consumption by one-third compared to traditional natural gas systems.


“Residents can feel good about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to a healthier community,” said Rose Benedetto, Managing Director, EnerQuality.

LEED- Sustainability Begins in the Community

Molinaro Group’s commitment to sustainability and the environment goes beyond its buildings. They’ve extended their efforts into the community.


A company approached the Molinaro Group for help with developing an urban garden. The goal was to provide greater food security for people in the community. Molinaro Group realized its benefits, donating land and materials toward the project. The urban garden produced more than 700 pounds of fresh produce for the local food bank. It also had a positive impact on the local economy and the environment.


As Molinaro President Vince Molinaro says “It’s just a great initiative.”