Why Investing in a Condo Is Still a Good Idea

Investing in quality condos is a good idea

Why Investing in a Condo Is Still a Good Idea

The headlines continue to remind everyone the real estate market has shifted. Prices are under pressure, lending rates have risen, and a general sense of caution has gripped the marketplace.

Wise investors, with a more confident view to the future, recognize that momentary changes in the market don’t alter the fundamentals. More people are moving to the GTA, many of whom will be looking to rent quality accommodations in highly desirable locations. Condos offer an attractive opportunity for smart investors and their potential tenants, who are looking for a quality location and an equally valuable residence.

Burlington is a Great Place to Live and Invest

A core tenet of real estate investment is location. Many experts agree that Burlington is a great place to invest in real estate. Money Sense Magazine has repeatedly named Burlington as one of Canada’s best mid-sized cities.

The city is located close to Toronto, Niagara, and Waterloo, as well as the United States, and is home to several industrial sectors, making it an excellent place to live and work. It also borders Lake Ontario and is just minutes from the Niagara Escarpment, which both offer abundant lifestyle opportunities for touring and fitness activities.

Burlington has a vibrant downtown and waterfront. There are many beautifully designed condos located in this area, giving residents access to great amenities and spectacular views. For example, Bunton’s Wharf from Molinaro Group is located on the waterfront, and within walking distance of the downtown, shopping, dining, and more. In addition to its downtown proximity, Paradigm is located just steps from the Burlington GO Station, enabling tenants to easily access public transit.

Burlington’s Condos Are Affordable and Desirable

Even with the recent change in housing prices, home buyers still find it difficult to afford a single-family home, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area. Condos are an ideal alternative. And Burlington offers more bang for your investment buck, as condos cost less per square foot than equivalent properties in Toronto. And with Burlington’s median household income just over $93,000, condos are affordable to renters, as well.

Condos include a host of amenities not often found in purpose-built rentals, which makes them more attractive to potential tenants. For example, 360 on Pearl offers an entertainment lounge, theatre room, rooftop terrace, 24/7 security staff, and concierge services. Many condos come equipped with pools, gyms, and spas. Molinaro Group goes a step further: Strata offers a meditation garden, Illumina has a ground floor fitness studio, and Paradigm (Phase One)  provides an outdoor fitness circuit and entertainment space. The Molinaro Group’s latest project, Paradigm Grand, has an equally impressive amenity package.

Additional Benefits for Condo Investors

There are many other benefits to investing in quality condos. You’re not responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the building since you pay condo fees to cover these expenses. And because you share building maintenance costs with other unit owners, you can rent your condo at a more competitive rate. When it’s time to sell, you can realize a better return on your investment, as resale demand for quality condos, like those created by the Molinaro Group, is always high. You can also structure the investment into your legacy planning, using the rental income to fund an inheritance for your children or grandchildren while helping them acquire their first home.

Today, there are very few opportunities in Burlington for real estate investors. Fortunately, the Molinaro Group’s Paradigm Grand development, under construction in Midtown, is now available. Like all Molinaro developments, the Group’s owners are personally involved in every part of the project from initial design to final sale and after-sales customer service.

Best of all, buyers deal directly with the builder through Davies Condos, which is the exclusive broker for the Molinaro Group. This means you’ll get access to the best selection of available units, as well as the best prices.

Despite the current market conditions, smart investors continue to pursue quality opportunities. And a Molinaro condo in Burlington is certainly a worthy consideration.