Paradigm’s Grand Finale Rises on Fairview St.

Paradigm Grand hoarding concept

Activity on Fairview St. is about to ramp up. Construction of the two front towers of our Paradigm Grand lifestyle condominium is underway, signalling the beginning of the grand finale of a thrilling midtown transformation that will capture your attention in more ways than one.

Please forgive us while we stir up some dust. We think you’ll be happy with the result.

It’s taken a little longer than we expected to arrive at this moment but we’re excited to let you know about it and offer some assurances, too. Excavation is beginning on the Paradigm Grand site for what we call the “Grand Finale”; two front towers facing Fairview St. It’s the final leg of the master plan that began almost a decade ago with the original Paradigm project set next to the GO station.

Inevitably, with any development of this size and scope, there will be dust, noise, and some impact on local traffic, all of which we hope to minimize through careful planning and our ongoing commitment to Burlington residents.

At the Molinaro Group, we pride ourselves on pursuing projects that benefit everyone in the city; residents, tenants, and citizens alike. When complete, Paradigm’s Grand Finale will complete this spectacular, self-contained condo lifestyle community, and  transform street life on Fairview, invigorating commerce throughout the emerging Midtown neighbourhood.

Molinaro Group president Vince Molinaro says the first step will be boring holes for the pylons. He admits there won’t be much to see at first, but the pace will accelerate this summer.

“We’ll start with shoring and excavation. Next up will be footings, which will lead to the substructure, superstructure and the crane pad. Everyone will be excited to see the crane going up,” he says.

We’ll mitigate the impact on road and pedestrian traffic once construction vehicles begin entering and exiting the site. No traffic lanes will be closed on the eastbound section of Fairview so commuters and shoppers will have full, unimpeded access to the GO station and neighbouring Walmart store.   You should experience few, if any, changes in the way you reach those popular destinations.

What you WILL see is something we’re particularly proud of; dynamic, attractive hoarding enclosing the work site. We’ve designed it to include vivid graphics and images highlighting local Burlington landmarks, incorporating brilliant artwork so the barrier is as cheerful and energizing as it is functional.

When completed, Paradigm Grand will include residential, office and commercial space including street-level retail businesses. This will continue the evolution of Midtown and Fairview St. that we’ve proudly branded as “the New Burlington”. We’re excited about the future and invite you to check out the site – from a safe distance, of course – while we finish the job we started so many years ago.

Robert Molinaro, Exec VP says Paradigm Grand’s construction start it’s great news for condo buyers anxious to see their units being built, and for a community that’s admired for its combination of small-town charm and big-city amenities.

“Burlington is a vibrant and not too-big city, so it’s got the best of both worlds,” Robert says. “And Paradigm Grand is an integral part of the city’s healthy growth.”

So, please bear with us while we turn a cloud of dust into a jaw-dropping addition to the Burlington skyline. We’ll keep you posted throughout the process.

In the meantime, visit the website to register as sales are opening to the public soon!