Renting Your Condo is Easier with Davies Condos

Renting Your Condo is Easier with Davies Condos

You’ve made the decision to invest in a condo to generate rental income. And you’ve taken a great first step: buying a unit in a Molinaro Group development.

You already know Burlington is a great place to live. And you’re confident you’ve made a great investment that will produce ongoing income. But you might find landlord duties daunting, time consuming, or just not your thing. And you’re not sure how to find a good tenant.

Not to worry. Davies Condos has you covered.  With more than 30 years specializing exclusively in condominiums, the team at Davies makes the rental process smooth and easy.

Dealing Directly is Always Best

Molinaro Group works exclusively with Davies Condos to sell and lease its condominium properties. If you’ve already purchased a unit in a Molinaro building through Davies Condos, you have had access to the best selection of available units at the best prices.

If, however, this is your first time purchasing a Molinaro condo, then you should know you’ll be dealing directly with the Davies Condos team.  They are knowledgeable condo specialists that have a genuine love of what they do and an extensive familiarity with the product being sold. They’ll walk you through every step of the purchasing process to ensure you’re making an informed purchasing decision.  As a unit owner, you’ll also get after sale support from the Molinaro Group Customer Care Program.

Davies Condos is familiar with rental regulations, including the Residential Tenancies Act, and they stay abreast of constantly changing rules.  They can also help you navigate the Landlord and Tenant Board which can be challenging for new landlords.

Ensuring a Smooth rental Process

One of the most difficult challenges for new and experienced landlords alike involves finding and retaining good tenants.  Davies Condos maintain a waiting list of vetted potential tenants and employs a strategic marketing program to attract prospective tenants.  This is followed by a thorough vetting system through which qualified candidates are confirmed.  From showings, credit checks, and rental applications to lease agreements and move in’s, you can rest easy knowing the hard work is done.  Post rental, should you wish to remain arm’s length with day-to-day tenant management, future rent negotiations and down the line turnovers, Davies Condos can continue to act as your liaison.

The key to being a successful landlord is a combination of good product, good tenants, and good working relationships. Molinaro Group has good product covered, eminently.  Their buildings are beautiful, well maintained and offer unmatched amenities.

They also offer an after sale Molinaro Group Customer Care Program that is second to none. Davies Condos brings vetted, qualified tenants forward, and helps manage the landlord and tenant relationship going forward.

A Molinaro condo in Burlington is a great opportunity for people who want to earn rental income – and Davies Condos ensures you enjoy a professional and prosperous experience as a landlord.