Why are Molinaro Condo Buyers so Loyal?

Why Are Molinaro Condo Buyers So Loyal?

Molinaro Group is well known for defining Burlington’s urban skyline in the downtown and waterfront areas, and in Midtown. Their condos are unique in their design and architecture. Their eminently convenient locations, intelligently designed suites and luxurious amenities, make them highly desirable places to live.  And because these properties are so desirable to live in, they also make great investments as rental properties.

To get a real sense of why Molinaro Group condos attract such loyal customers, watch and listen to these satisfied buyers who share their thoughts.

Great Process for First-Time Investors

“I have purchased several condos from the Molinaro Group. I have two units at Paradigm… I felt the proximity to the GO station, the downtown Burlington nightlife, entertainment, restaurants, outdoor spaces, as an investor who was going to look to rent these units, this was a fantastic opportunity… I dealt with the Davies Condo people. They went through the whole process step by step. They laid it out very easily so as a first-time investor when we did this, it was very easy to follow and understand… If I was talking to a friend about why they should invest with the Molinaro Group, the projects are very well thought out. As I did, I think they should jump in with two feet.” – George K., Paradigm Phase One buyer

Molinaro Makes Buyers Happy

“I looked for a long time and found Illumina. We like to go with quality builders who have a good reputation. They have a lot of rave reviews. I love how they give these little videos that show the progression of the building. It’s really well done… We had some concerns about our own unit, some of the design features. Sam and Rob, everybody came and said, ‘My job is to make you guys happy.’ We were just knocked out. They’re really invested in their product.” – Diane and Martin, Illumina buyers

Confidence in the Builder

“I first discovered Illumina when I was looking to buy real estate within the Burlington or GTA area. I wanted to go with a developer where I felt confident the building would be put together and completed in a realistic timeframe… Working with the Molinaro Group and Davies Condos was very seamless with the knowledge they were able to bring to the table… Understanding the nature of the developer, the transparency with the buyer, and what the process typically looks like with the developer is very important. That’s why I ultimately chose the Molinaro Group.” – Amanda DeYoung, Illumina buyer

Becoming Part of the Family

“The first couple of condos we bought from the Molinaro Group were at the Strata building back in 2007. The area, the actual building itself, the amenities that Molinaro Group was putting into it was gorgeous. The five-minute walk to the water, the proximity to downtown Burlington, all those things, plus the price point at that time was wonderful… The Paradigm was more of an investment because of the location to the train station… The family behind these projects is just that: a family. They really care about the people that are working with them, and you feel like you become part of their group… They continue to redefine and recreate Burlington for all of us lucky ones to enjoy.” – Vincent V., Strata and Paradigm Phase One buyer

Great Location and Quality

“I had an opportunity to do some investing and really loved the location of the Paradigm building. The proximity to so many things makes it a great investment for not only the one property I have as a rental but for our daughter who has it as a principal residence. Can’t beat the location… the look of the building, the sleekness, it was such a modern look. I also bought a prior building from them called the Strata. The quality of the construction of the Molinaro Group is second to none. Plenty of realtors that I spoke to will tell you the same thing about the Molinaro Group and their quality.” – Joe C., Strata and Paradigm Phase One buyer

Customer Satisfaction Starts Before You Buy

The Molinaro Group continues to deliver a high level of personal service and customer care, which often turns first-time buyers into repeat customers. That focus on customer satisfaction begins before buyers even complete their purchase because they deal directly with the Molinaro Group to get the best pricing and options for their condo purchase.

“We treat buyers like family and friends, and we want them to be happy about their decision to buy a Molinaro condo,” says, Executive V.P. Robert Molinaro. “It’s part of our company’s core values and it will stay that way with every condo we develop and build.”

To learn more about how the Molinaro Group is a different kind of developer, visit our More from Molinaro Web page and book your personal appointment to buy at Paradigm Grand, the grand finale of Paradigm, now under construction in Midtown Burlington.