Now is the time to buy at Paradigm Grand!

As the Paradigm Grand’s Finale begins to rise on Fairview Street, an urgent reminder that now is the time to secure your future home in Burlington’s only major condo residence, and lock in the gracious lifestyle you’ve been searching for.   

You are breezing along on the highway and see a service station sign:

Next fuel: 135 kilometers.

An inner alarm sounds, and your heart beats faster as your eyes dart to the gas gauge. Your inner voice asks: should I go for it, or pull over now?

Prospective home buyers have endured that uneasy feeling and heard that voice for what must seem like forever. The real estate version goes like this: be patient and wait for the next market downturn, or just take the plunge?

 The provincial government is updating zoning by-laws to enable multiplexes in traditional neighbourhoods, and planning subdivisions in the Greenbelt. The Bank of Canada is warning that record-low interest rates are gone for good (and could yet inch higher in its quest to tame inflation).

The point is, no one can guarantee what lies down the road. This is when you need to look for a proven track record and history of achievement. At the Molinaro Group we know two things for certain; Paradigm and Paradigm Grand are massive success stories. We can also speculate with confidence that there is risk in waiting too long when it comes to the Paradigm Grand Finale.

The final, dramatic stage of our bold, decade-long transformation of midtown Burlington reaches a crescendo just in time to answer a critical housing need. While other jurisdictions are in full panic mode to address the housing shortage, we are finishing what we started on Fairview St. The last two, magnificent street-facing towers are now under construction.

We want to alert to a rare opportunity that won’t last. Paradigm Grand Finale will deliver on your dream of property ownership in The Golden Horseshoe.

Starting with the original Paradigm, and now, the Grand Finale, we’ve been proud to emphasize these unsurpassed benefits:

  • Modern lifestyle condominium living
  • A direct relationship with the builder
  • Design finishes and on-site amenities second to none
  • A prime location in a great mid-size city
  • Public transit hub (GO) right next door for a painless commute
  • Just minutes from Burlington’s beautiful waterfront, and the Niagara escarpment and wine country… and more!

Jennifer Connell of Davies Condos, the builder’s broker of record, says the Molinaro Group has never wavered in its loyalty to the city or its elite brand of customer service.

“When you’re considering purchasing a pre-construction condo, the developer is a critical part of your decision-making. With the Molinaro Group you’re getting a family-owned and operated developer that’s invested in the city through their charitable work, and also through their local partnerships with their local vendors, so you’re not just getting some one-off builder.”

Connell says building trust and lasting relationships makes the Molinaro Group somewhat of an outlier in the development community. She says buyers will have a clear sense of who they’re dealing with based on the Groiup’s 60-year legacy.

“They’ve been building high-rise in Burlington before Burlington was even on the map. I could argue that, in fact, a lot of their award-winning projects, one after the other, are the reason Burlington is on the map. So, I think buying from a builder that has a success story, that’s committed to a city before the city is even ever cool or trendy, is great. I don’t think you’re going to get that level of dedication or commitment from any other builder.”

Connell concedes that buying pre-construction makes some people nervous. She says you don’t need to look very far to see that Paradigm Grand’s Finale will be everything it was intended to be.

“You’re not just buying from a piece of paper and a pile of dirt. You’re buying a final piece of something that’s already so successful. It’s got three sister towers that have been award-winning over the years.”

Company President, Vince Molinaro, says there is nothing else like it in Burlington, or for miles around. If you’re considering buying, now is the time.

“Paradigm was a great success; Paradigm Grand will be an even greater success. This is your best opportunity to buy in Burlington’s number one project.”

Back to our highway metaphor: you can keep on driving into the unknown and you might get lucky. Or, you can opt for the solution that you can see with your own eyes. It’s a Grand vision in Burlington!

Paradigm Grand Takes the Pain Out of the Great Commute

At Paradigm Grand You Can See for Miles and Miles